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Commercial Name(s):


Other Name(s):

Kunatepi, Macacauba Vermelha, Nambar, Beati, Bastado, Doekaliballi, Koenatepi, Macawood, Macacauba Preta, Trebol, Caoba, Bois De Mora, Dukalaballi, Vencola, Hormigo, Orange Agate

Botanical Name:

Platymiscium trinitatis, Platymiscium ulei

Botanical Family:

Fabaceae (angiosperm)

SBB Code:



Macacauba goes by a number of common names, with none of them having a clear predominance. Macacauba or Macawood is usually used when referring to the lumber, while Hormigo is more commonly used for specialty applications such as turning or musical instruments. Orange Agate has also been used as a trade name to help sell the wood. The ambiguous name Granadillo is also sometimes applied to this wood (along with dozens of other species). Heartwood color can be highly variable, ranging from a bright red to a darker reddish or purplish brown, frequently with darker stripes. When the wood is referred to as “Hormigo,” various suffixes are used to describe the heartwood color: “Hormigo Negro” for darker pieces or “Hormigo Rojo” for orangish red pieces. Clearly demarcated sapwood is yellow to white. Overall, good working characteristics for both hand and machine tools, though areas of interlocked grain should be approached with care to avoid tearout. Able to take a very high natural polish. Turns and glues well.

Typical use

Current furniture or furniture components, Flooring, Interior joinery, Moulding, Exterior joinery, Musical instuments, Seats, Bridges (Parts not in contact with water or ground), Sliced veneer, Interior panelling, Cabinetwork (high class furniture), Stairs (inside), Exterior panelling, Turned goods, Sculpture.

Technical Information


Red brown

Trees Size: 

25 – 30 m

Trunk Diameter:

0.4 – 0.60 m

Monnin Hardness:


Crushing Strength (Mpa dry):

52 – 64

Basic Specific gravity:

0.69 – 0.89

Density (kg/m3 dry): 


Straigth or interlocked



Static bending strength (Mpa dry):


Modulus of elasticy (Mpa dry):


T/R Ratio: 






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