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New Technology Walther Battery

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

The trend of technology

Most vehicle manufacturers design more efficient cars with modern engines that have the next-generation fuel-saving capabilities, such as Start-Stop, battery management systems, Smart alternators and braking energy recovery (recuperation). As the rise of next-generation cars began, the Battery manufacturers also need to develop other technology batteries. all Start-Stop vehicles use AGM and EFB batteries. As the rise of this battery dramatically increase, the R&D of Walther invest to develop the next-generation battery.

Trusted market

Walther has been supplying in most of the European and South-americas countries. By our fast development and advanced technology, they build a trust in the industry and light-vehicle batteries . From there the R&D develop with other technology battery's for Solar ( Gel and tubular) and Start-Stop systems.

Lead Acid


From 45 ah to 245 Ah all products are produced in both positive (+) and negative (-)

plates only in gravity casting / book mould structure. In a gravity grid casting mold, hot

liquid alloys are poured into the mold, the inner faces of the two mold half sections (in

which the grid cavity is machined) heat up and tend to warp the mold sections.


In gravity casting/ book mould production method 5 main benefits achieved;

  • Thicker Grids which generates wider Plate surfaces and also forms Strong Electrical Performance

  • Achieved Full Frame Grid provides solid structure which minimizes co rrosion and prevents expansion and fractures

  • Full Frame Grid prevents the grid growth and consequently the short circuits

  • Ensures low-resistance and strong adhesion of active materials

  • Facilitates quick transmission of electrical power with special grid design

See below photo Picture 1 for Gravity Casting Grid structure of Walther and Picture 2 for

other products' grid design.

Picture 1 : Overview of Gravity, Powerful Frame grid in Casting Grid for Walther

Picture 2: Expanded Metal Technology Standard Grid

With the years Walther tries to develop there battery. As they succeed in there new Technology our battery have more benefits :

  • Full Frame Grid Technology in Both + and - Plates

  • 1,5 times More Cycle Life

  • Minimum Self Discharge

  • Maximum Performance in All Conditions

  • Up to 10 % Higher Ah and CCA starting Capacity

  • Long Storage Life

  • High Charge Retention

The FUTURE Technology

As the rise of the Start-Stop vehicles the R&D develop OE replacement batteries.The batteries can be use in all Start-Stop vehicles. With the wide range of battery types we can supply OE batteries for European and Japanese Cars.

Walther AGM

Walther have continuous invest in there R&D to develop the latest technology AGM battery for OE also to the aftermarket. With the New GRID Technology, the battery recharge better. The New Technology that we use in this battery have a high-capillarity glass mat separator, advanced lead-tin alloys and unique carbon additives, also it provides consistent power and have a longer battery lifecycle.


  • Higher energy throughput over battery lifespan

  • Ideal for large cars, SUVs, vans and vehicles with Start-Stop and power-hungry electrical equipment

  • Top-level safety features and absolutely no free acid

  • Latest generation approved by car manufacturers

  • Long shelf life

*Replace OEM AGM ONLY with AGM Battery

Walther EFB

Walther invented EFB battery in 2018, as we see that it increasingly play a crucial role for car manufacturers to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. By this our R&D invest to develop a New technology battery that can be support by all vehicles, with and without Start-Stop systems. The EFB Technology of Walther shows an unmatched energy recovery and exceptional dynamic charge acceptance in Start-Stop cars, also it have a longer lifespan then conventional (Lead acid) batteries.


  • High dynamic charge acceptance over life of battery

  • Extra energy for vehicles with and without Start-Stop systems

  • Optimal operation in engine compartment

  • Latest generation approved by car manufacturers

  • Long shelf life

*Replace OEM EFB ONLY with EFB Battery


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