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Walther Battery

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Walther have a wide range of product exist from 45 Ah to 245 Ah Stater Automotive Batteries, Start&Stop EFB Batteries, Deep Cycle Gel/ Solar Batteries and PzS and PzB Traction Cells.

Today with the world wide export sales and supply experience offering to over 35 countries, Walther ensures reliable production, short lead time, flexiable operational adaptation, optimum shipment alternatives and best overall solution to it's each and every customer.

Walther Technology

Our Battery have use innovative technology. The Casting Grids is different than other brands.

In casting/ book mould production method 5 main benefits achieved;

  • Thicker Grids which generates wider Plate surfaces and also forms Strong Electrical Performance

  • Achieved Full Frame Grid provides solid structure which minimizes corrosion and prevents expansion and fractures

  • Full Frame Grid prevents the grid growth and consequently the short circuits

  • Ensures low-resistance and strong adhesion of active materials

  • Facilitates quick transmission of electrical power with special grid design

Overview of Gravity, Powerful Frame grid in Casting Grid for Walther

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