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Commercial Name(s):

Fava Amargosa, Arisauro, Amarjosa

Other Name(s):

Geli-Kabissi, Gele Kabbes, Angelim Amargoso, Fava Amarela, Faveira Amarela, Faveira Bolacha, Maqui, Bastard Purpleheart, Inkassa, Amargo, Mari-mari, Arisoeroe, Aracuy, Fava Amargosa, Faveira Amargosa, Guerra, Arisauro, Bauwaua, Yongo, Marupa Del Bajo, Maka Kabbes, Bitterwood, Mora, Arisauro, Arakaka, Yaksaru, Inkassa, Yonko, Angelim, Faveira, Faveira amarela, Amargoso

Botanical Name:

Vatairea guyanensis, Vatairea paraensis, Vatairea spp., Vataireopsis araroba, Vataireopsis surinamensis, Vatairea guianensis, Vataireu lundellii, Erythrocarpa

Botanical Family:

Fabaceae, Leguminosae (Papilionoideae)

SBB Code:



Amarjosa is bright yellow when freshly sawn, becoming yellow brown to dark brown or red brown. It has clearly demarcated sapwood. The grain is straight or interlocked and the texture is coarse. Density at 12 % moisture content: 0.75 g/cm3.The blunting effect is fairly high; peeling is not recommended and slicing is reported to be good. Sawdust may cause allergies. Nailing is good but pre-boring is necessary. Gluing is correct. Amarjosa dries rapid to normal. It is moderately durable to fungi and is durable to dry wood borers; sapwood demarcated (risk limited to sapwood).

Amarjosa can be used for several applications: • interior: e.g. high class furniture, stairs, panelling, flooring, sliced veneer, industrial or heavy flooring, joinery, formwork • exterior: e.g. exterior joinery, heavy carpentry

It is recommended to prepare surfaces and apply an undercoat, such as filling, before finishing as Amarjosa contains anti-siccatives.

Typical use

Blockboard, Industrial or heavy flooring, Interior panelling, Exterior joinery, Stairs (inside), Formwork, Heavy carpentry, Flooring, Interior joinery, Sliced veneer, Cabinetwork (high class furniture), interior and exterior joinery, sleepers.

Technical Information


Yellowish brown

Trees Size: 

20 – 35 m

Trunk Diameter:

0.6 – 0.90 m

Monnin Hardness:


Crushing Strength (Mpa dry):

49 – 97

Basic Specific gravity:

0.63 – 0.89

Density (kg/m3 dry): 



Straigth or interlocked



Static bending strength (Mpa dry):


Modulus of elasticy (Mpa dry):


T/R Ratio: 





Moderately stable to stable

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